Friday, July 2, 2010

I have a LOT to accomplish today but I thought I'd write for a few minutes first.  Hope that's ok......  So, during the winter I had this brilliant idea to make a fifth bedroom downstairs in our basement.  Well, it's not really a basement like you would think, it's not dark and dreary and cold, it's bright (for the most part) and has lots of windows and a french door so it feels like a regular floor in a house.  Anyway, I am digressing........  Back to the bright idea from the winter.  I wanted a fifth bedroom.  Ron said it probably wasn't a brilliant idea but maybe a slightly ok idea and being the patient man he is allowed me to dream the impossible dream of building the room.  My motto is truly "if you build it they will come".   I know, I know I'm plagiarizing a line from a movie, but I just knew that if we had this fifth bedroom my life as a mother would be perfect.  All the kids would have their own rooms.... well, the ones still at home.  College boys can fend for themselves.  I also go by the motto that 'possession is 9/10th of the law' and all that sort of jazz........ 
Fast forward to summer 2010, which would be now of course.........  I buy the wood, the sheet rock and the screws.  The men at the lumber yard think I'm crazy which is half true,  I'm crazy AND determined.  There IS a difference!  I build the three walls to make the room, do the mud on the sheet rock, and voila!  It's a room.  Now, Abby has already claimed this room so it's now a bright turquoise with black bedding and soon to be black carpet..... No, she isn't goth.  HOWEVER, and there always has to be a however........  my niece graciously pointed out that MY room is right above Abby's new room!  Did I fail to mention the fact that I'm not finishing off the ceiling yet?  As in, no insulation, no sound deadening aspects?  Hmmmmmmm,  I guess I should invest in a good set of ear plugs.  FOR US, not her, come on people, where is your mind going?  Sheesh!  Danny on the other hand, is THRILLED he has his own room.  Now Santa can see him through 2 windows and not just one (his words, not mine).  If you ask me, the thought of having an old guy lurking at my son's window in the dead of winter is kind of creepy, but I won't tell Danny that.  I'd have a third room mate in my room if I made that mistake. 
So, I guess I'm off to accomplish what I need.... after all, Ron is gone for the day and that means the sky is the limit..........  Who needs a wall built?

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