Saturday, July 14, 2012

the complex human race..... and all that jazz

Some things just fascinate me.   People especially do, and just the complexity of the human race in general. 
I am always at amazed at how closely truth and untruth are related, and how easily twisted it can become in a matter of seconds. 
Satan wants to make us confused into believing the lies that he tells us, and skew them into half truths so that if we are not careful, or in tuned to the Holy Spirit, it gets us off the path.  The scary thing is, that to get us off path and our focus off the Lord, it doesn't take something huge or even important in the big scheme of things.   Little issues can become huge ones if allowed.  What are some of those "little" things that get us off track?
Politics.  People pick sides, Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc...... and we hold fast and hard to the "right" side.  Bi-partisanship gets thrown out the window, and we buy into everything our preferred candidate says, hook, line and sinker!   Republicans assume that ALL Dems are bad, Democrats assume ALL republicans are bad, and so on down the line.  But when we step back and look at the big, giant picture, we realize that 1.) most politicians are out for #1 and #1 is not the constituents that got them elected,  2.) the right thing to do is usually found somewhere in the middle of where the republicans and democrats meet. and 3.) sometimes its best to throw them all out and start fresh with new grunts....... 4.) realize that in the long run, it does not really matter.  Honestly.  Yes, vote your conscience for sure, but really, God does not need help writing the book of Revelation.  He already did that.  It's already figured out and who we vote for is not going to change the course of history. 
Yet, we still debate, get into huge disagreements, pick sides and throw our real purpose out the window, which is to point people to Christ, not a president.  We get to worried about making sure people vote for the one we want them to, instead of tell people about Christ and then letting them make the decision on their own.   I certainly care more about who people vote for to save their lives in eternity, more than someone who will promise them the world and deliver nothing. 

Homeschool vs. Public school:  I've tried both, and honestly, unless God grants me a HUGE measure of patients, then for the sake of my children, I choose Public school for my kids.  That being said, I LOVE the idea of homeschooling, and I wish I could do it.   Honestly, I do.  I love having my kids home, most days, and I would love to keep them from hearing lies taught by secular teachers.  BUT, I have met people who pretty much think I am sending my kids to hell in a pretty little hand-basket because I don't homeschool.   
The only thing I can say to that is, if I can't do a good job of teaching my kids how to serve Christ and live for Him in a public school setting, or in the "world", then I'm doing a pretty horrible job as a parent anyway. 
Yes, it is SUPER hard to raise Christian kids in the public school setting.  Like, WHOA, hard!  But it IS possible.  I also know that there are many homeschool families who do a great job getting their kids active in the community and are a great witness.  It's just a balance. Neither is easy,  but both is possible.  Whichever one you choose. 

Skinny vs. Fat:  So which one will get to heaven first?  That seems to be a big question on the minds of many christians.  I honestly never had even dreamed it was something to be debated.  Yet, in the last 5 years, it has been brought up to me, or in other circles, that skinny will be the reigning queen in heaven.   Ok.  Well, then I guess I am going to be the poop scooper.    Really?  Does it really mean one person is more "spiritually" endowed than the other?  The funny thing is, that many and honestly MOST of the people that are proponents of the skinny heaven theory, are men.  Yes, I said it, men.  OR skinny women with no history of having issues with weight. 
Let me tell you something....... skinny people are grumpy.  Welll....... NOT alllllll skinny people...... but some.   Ok, here is my thought.   If I thought for one single second that the only way to pleasing God was to be skinny, then I would be the first one to sign up for Jenny Craig.  However, I was under the impression the pleasing God meant that I am to serve Him with my whole heart, love others as I love myself, tell others about Jesus Christ.  
Ok, so now I'm going to have those who disagree point out the verses about gluttony.    Yes.   I do think that gluttony is wrong.  Nothing should be as important as Christ in our lives.   If someone has a problem with over-eating and that is their god, then yes, they should work on that.  Does that mean I expect them to be a size 2 or even 8?  No.  I expect them to put God first in their lives.  That's it.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.
The same goes for people who make golf or friends, or tanning, or whatever other million things it could be, the center of their lives. 
My point is this.  Being skinny is not always a sign of righteousness.  It's not a sign of godliness.  It is only a sign that someone is ....... skinny.  And might possibly have a eating disorder or tapeworm. 
Being over-weight does NOT make a person nonspiritual or less of a christian.  It makes them.... wait for it.....  over-weight.  Or a thyroid disorder.  =)   
We should be more concerned with the heart.  Not the outward appearance. 
So, yeah..... people are complicated and odd at times..... but that goodness we are not all the same.  It would be a very boring place if everyone was just like ourselves.