Monday, February 21, 2011

I've come to the conclusion that snow is bad for the health.  At least long term snow.   It seems to make people grumpy, including me, and if the snow isn't the cause then I guess the world is going to pot faster than I originally thought. 
Also, I think that Facebook, e-mail and texting has pretty much ruined people and relationships.  Yes, even I, self appointed facebook queen, admits to facebook over stimulation!  Things are typed and someone reads it wrong, partly because they want to believe the worse in some, and partly because they can't hear the inflection in the writers voice so they don't know that probably it was said tongue-in-cheek, or jokingly or whatnot.  So then person A gets their panties in a wad, types something in rebuttal and the whole thing is blown way out of proportion.  Also, some things just should not be sent via email.  I am so freaking sick to death of forwarded or copy and pasted emails that tell me I am going to have health bestowed upon me if I send this to 50 of my close friends and hell and brimstone if I don't.  First of all, just because "snoops" says it's true, doesn't mean it is. 
I've read two books recently by Donald Miller........  he is my new favorite author.  He says it so well in his book  Searching for God Knows What.  On first inspection, you would assume he was a liberal who has read the bible, but after reading more into the book, you find that he is deeply committed to Christ and bases everything on the word of God!  He doesn't take sides which is all to common in todays society and unfortunately those who do pick sides end up building walls so thick that no one can get through.  Instead, Mr. Miller chooses to remain committed to speaking the truth in love without getting all upset if someone doesn't agree with him.  He also is able to minister to liberals, democrats, republicans and even the Tea Party because he stands firm in the fact that the ONLY way to the father is through Christ.  Making someone agree with your view on abortion, homosexuality, or political agenda does not point people to Christ.  It puts people on opposite sides and breaks down all lines of communication.  The other really neat thing about the way he writes is that he doesn't white wash the gospel. 
Wow, was that just a book review?  Oh well.  
My point is that all to often people pick sides, whether it is pro-life, gay rights, Tea Party, conservative, liberal, etc, and make that their God.  We try to get everyone to agree with us, instead of understanding that we all have sinned, are sinning and will continue to sin until we die, and our anger and pride at those who don't agree with us isn't any less wrong that the ill we are fighting against.   Point people to Christ and He can sort it out.  Stay honest in what you believe and know is right and let God work in the hearts of others.  It's not our job to be heart surgeons.....  Christ can handle that.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I had to take Dan to the dentist today.  It actually wasn't bad and the whole way home he kept thanking me for taking him, so that was pretty darn cute in my book.    On the way up he asked how cows made their milk.  I told him, uh, i'm not sure, but they chew grass and then the milk forms in their boobies.  Yeah, I know, kind of crude, but I really couldn't for the life of me figure out how to explain how it's actually done in terms that a 9 year old could understand.   In all seriousness, he said " well, do they eat lots of snow?"   I thought that was cute. 
About fifteen minutes down the road,, the radio started getting really fuzzy because I was gettting out of range.  The lady singing on the radio started to cut in and out and again, from the backseat, danny says " boy, she sure does have bad hiccups!".......  gosh I love that kid!  He just cracks me up all the time.

I also heard an interview with Anita Renfroe and her husband.  They were talking about Valentines day and being married, etc.....  Anyway, they were talking about their kids and Anita said "they were our craft projects".   I thought that was cute.   However, as I'm sitting her listening to my kids argue and fight I'm thinking that my kids are my science experiments gone terribly wrong!  SHEESH!!!  I wish there was a magic pill to make them get along.  I think I might have them sit and hold hands until they can talk nicely to each other.  I used to do that with Jake and Abby.  It seemed to work, albeit slightly, but it worked.  

I'm really thinking that spring needs to come soon.  Either that or I'm admitting myself to an insane asylum.  I think the one I might choose is in Key West on a remote island with no cell service.    It's called 'crazy shack for those suffering from  kidsdrivemenutsitis'.   In the meantime, I guess I'll just sit here listening to the latest news of 'she touched my stuff' and ' he took my bendaroos' and 'they are breathing my air'.....  oh, the last one was me......

Sunday, February 13, 2011

HA!   So, I took down my last post, so if you read it, ok.  Not a big deal.  If you didn't read it, then you were too late. =)     A little birdie told me I might be too harsh and I had to agree so I decided to take it down.  Right after I wrote it, I thought to myself, "self, that sounds a little bitchy"  but you know, I rarely listen to myself so I left it up and thankfully that little birdie loved me enough to mention it.  So thanks little bird.

SO, i feel the need to talk about two very important people in my life.   I have to admit that I'm in love with two men.  Actually I have five men in my life, but I'll just focus on two right now. 
I'm talking about my two little boys that have now gone and grown up to be men.  I really can't believe the nerve of these two.  I told them not to do it, but once again they didn't listen.

Justin is 21 and Jake isn't far behind at 19.  It's all so crazy to think that  not too long ago I was helping them put on their snowsuits to play outside or carting Justin to little league and Jake to soccer. Now they have their own cars, pay their own insurance and pretty much are self-sufficient.
I'm probably not the only mother in the world that swells with pride each time their kids do something amazing, but it always makes me  honestly thank God for the men they have become.   Mostly because I know that I failed as a mom more times in the day than there were minutes on the clock and some days I probably should have just been sent away.  I guess God's grace is way more sufficient than I realize. 
Jake is going to graduate this May with an associates in Culinary and will make the best Chef any place he decides to work.  He has this way about him that he can walk into a room and everyone falls in love with him.  Partly because he won't stop moving and doing something funny so unless you are dead or dull, you have to laugh.  There isn't anything that he can't do once he sets his mind to it.  It's quite amazing!
It's not always been easy for Jake or with Jake either.  His activity level is one cause of annoyance for a mother who dreams of quiet at the end of the day, but had I known what a cool dude he would be at 19, I might have cut him some slack more often.  He has had his share of hard times and stupid stunts, but at the end of the day, he has come through and grown into this man who makes me glad I'm his mom.
Justin is going to finish his fourth year in college this may.  He won't have his bachelors yet because he took a year to go to Bible college.  Can I just say that it was the best year he has ever spent?  Going into it, I think he thought after the first week he was going to jump ship, but he held on and I know he is glad he did.  It was the first time that I could actually SEE someone mature.
I think one of the best parts of being a mom is when I get a phone call at 10 or 11 at night from the boys.  No, seriously.  Even when I'm sound asleep I am always happy when they call.   Ya know why?  Because I know that THEY know that they can call ANY time and talk.  Whether it's because they just got out of work and didn't realize the time, or because they needed to ask how to do something, or just to vent, I absolutely LOVE it. 
The other best part is when I can introduce them to a friend of mine they don't know.  I think it's because I know, that I've probably gushed on and on at how awesome they are to this friend and so when I introduce them, they have no clue that I've pretty much made them sound like a god. 
I really don't think kids know how big a mothers love is.  It goes beyond a love they can even understand.  The amazing thing is that if God loves us even a fraction of how much a mothers love equals, then WHOA!