Friday, December 31, 2010

Last chance before 2011

I figured I should write something being that it is the last day of Dec. and I haven't written anything this month!  Time flys for sure!   I actually didn't think anyone still was reading what I wrote so I was contemplating not writing any more...... but I noticed a couple comments so that made me feel like not giving up.   

So,   Christmas is done and after tonight 2010 will be just another number under our belts.   I think I've added a few numbers under my belt this past year.... 

It's been an interesting year.  That. is. for. sure!    After three years of being free as a bird during the day I started homeschooling again.  Most days I'd have to say that it was a great decision.  I would be lying if I said all days were like that, but on a whole it's been pretty darn good.    Danny and Ally both seem happier and now Slayt is thinking he would like to give it a try.......  I guess I'll have to get Danny and Ally to not look so darn happy all the time.    JUST KIDDING!   I actually wouldn't mind homeschooling all of them.  I just worry that Slayt is to smart for MY own good.

I also noticed that the older I get the more holidays are lonely....... at least it was this year.  Other than the fact that it's fairly impossible to get everyone to get together at any time of the year, I propose that from now on, every family member has to get together in the same spot on at least ONE holiday each year!  That means, cousins, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, etc.!  oh to be a millionaire!

I started a book this year.  Yeah.  Don't ask how it's going.  It's still sitting on page two.  I have a bunch of killer first sentences, but most people wouldn't be interested in reading a 300 page book of great first sentences.   However, if they would, this book would be top on the NY Times best seller list!  Just saying!
I think my problem is that I am trying to edit as I write, and that just doesn't work.  I need to "brain dump" and then edit later.  It's just not that easy.

I'm wondering what 2011 is going to bring.  I'm hoping for a stress free year, but I'm starting to realize that in the real world stress is part of life.  I really liked my world better when I was young and naive and thought that money grew on trees.   Ok, not on trees but it certainly grew from the pocket in your mothers pants...... and bills were optional. Trips were mandatory and Santa really was real.  Yeah, I like that world better so....... can I get a do over?

Happy New Year everyone!