Wednesday, September 7, 2011

school is now in session

Oh the joys of the first day back to school after a long summer vacation!  Probably the majority of mothers across the country are smiling today. We are smiling because our children have gone back to school.   Not because we hate our children, and not because we are vile, evil, selfish beings.  It is simply because after a long summer of the kids being home, it is time to send them back from wenst they came.  Is that correct old english?  Either way, I believe school was developed by God, or at least by a very smart female so that mothers would not eat their young.  Even deer kick their fawns out the door at the end of summer.  
Now, it may seem that I am a cold and heartless mother.  I would argue that I'm not, but it may seem pointless.  I do enjoy the "me" time, I can not lie. I did enjoy the kids being home this summer.  For at least the first three weeks.  Then my job became more of referee and entertainment specialist and that is where I simply draw the line.  Just like most referee's, I felt like I had been thrown to a pack of wolves most of the time.  I truly sympathize with the black and white wearing men who get things thrown at them and the occasional "you suck ref" comments.  Not that my kids ever said those words out loud, but I knew they were thinking it.  That is another thing mothers do, we read minds.  It is a proven fact.  It's the roll of the eyes, the heavy sigh that tells us what kids are thinking.  They are thinking "ugh, when I have kids I will be a cool parent"  " when I have kids I won't be mean".   HA!  We all know that the joke is on them because as soon as a woman becomes a mother, we automatically become mean.  It's just nature. 
So, that being said......  I am not sad my kids went back to school today but I think it's time to go pick them up now and by Christmas I will be counting down the days until summer break is here.