Saturday, April 21, 2012

Holy Shmokes it's been a long time.........I guess I've been super busy or something.  Nothing like writing a book to make a person not feel like writing a blog, or anything for that matter.   So here is a snapshot at what's been happening in my world in the last few months since I last wrote:
-I finished my book..... finally.  After over a year of planning, writing, editing, crying, more writing and on and on, I am finished.  For the most part.  That is not to say that I don't have more things to do with the book, I do.  It's just that it's brainless stuff.  At least it's at the publisher and out of my hot little hands. 

-We've endured some life changing happenings in our family.   It's taught us a lot about forgiveness and patience and resisting the devil.  I've seen a new side of my husband which has been encouraging to me throughout this whole ordeal and I've learned to appreciate him much more so if nothing else, that is a positive.
-We got the approval for Daniel to see two specialists in Boston dealing with Moebius Syndrome.  We were not sure the insurance would pay for it but they agreed to do it so we were happy.  Very happy.   The whole thing was very much a "God thing" .    I truly believe in "God things" and you should too.  Wow, I'm bossy, aren't I?   Anyway, the whole ball started rolling when I participated in  an interview regarding a research paper being done by a student at Harvard on the effects of caregiving and Moebius Syndrome.   Anyway, I sooooo moved the interviewer (said VERY  tongue and cheek)   that she contacted her Professor and Harvard who happens to be the Chief of Opthomology at Boston Children's.   He and his colleague Dr. Engle who is a Neurologist, have a clinic which deals with Cranio-facial disorders and Moebius Syndrome.   Dr. Hunter contacted me, and wanted to see Daniel.  SO.  That is how the ball got started.  And we are very excited.  We head to Boston in May and we are hoping it will be very helpful. 

-I'm learning more and more every day about per-judging people.   As a mother especially, I'm not real good at being objective to boyfriends or girlfriends.    I'm just being honest.   
Recently, my daughter reconnected with a boy who from pictures, I thought he resembled Vanilla Ice.   You know, the white, wanna-be black rapper of the 80's?   Anyway, in my head I was thinking "there is no way in heckarooni that I want my daughter dating this guy.  Nope, not going to happen, no way."   I was adamant that I did not want to meet him, etc.    Well, guess what?   I met him, and he is NOTHING like I thought.  Let me say that again.   NOTHING.    First of all, he doesn't even like rap music.   That right there makes him a 100% better than anyone else.  Second of all, he is a born again Christian.  Committed Christian.   Third of all, he is a Southern Gentleman.   And that, my dear friends, is the end of the story.  
Had I refused to meet him, I would have missed out on all the good he has in him,  just because I per-judged.   And all of that got me thinking about this:  Does Ty have some baggage?  Yes, he sure does.  Do I have baggage?  Does Abby have baggage?  Does everyone around have baggage?  YES!!!!  And to think someone elses baggage and yuck is worse than our own is stupid.  The important thing is if that person has learned from it, and more importantly repented from it.   That's  what's important to God so that is good enough for me.  And if it's not good enough for others, then oh well.