Thursday, April 22, 2010

What's a girl to do?

So many things on my mind lately but not really sure about what to write......  I'm really needing to do more writing on the book I'm writing about my mom but I feel like I'm at a stand-still.  Yikes!  Writing a book is probably one of the most daunting tasks I have ever tried.  Everything I write sounds blah and just stupid.  Oy vey! 
Tax season is technically over but now we are in the 'clean-up' phase of that and I think that is even more stressful for Ron than the actual tax season.  He is so sick of looking at numbers at this time of year but still has too so he's kinda bummed and I really hate it when that happens.  I'm not sure what to do for him when he is like that.  I kind of wish he'd just go on a backpacking trip to clear his head or something like that.  I've even thought about calling work (UPS) and having them give him vacation time, work it all out and buy him a plane ticket to Arizona or somewhere I know he likes.   Who knows......  he'd be upset for about 3 seconds, until he realized that he was going to somewhere warm and sunny and he could relax. 
I'm also trying like crazy to get some junk yard guys to come get these dumb vehicles we have sitting in our yard.  Our yard looks like a welfare house because we have three vehicles that are just sitting there.  At least they aren't up on blocks, but still!  If the junk guy doesn't call me back today i'm going to call someone else.  Sheesh! 
Yesterday I got a thing in the mail from our insurance company that gave a total for our oldest son's knee surgery.   It's over $9000.!!!!!!!    His dad's insurance won't cover it because they said there is a spending cap.  Well, thanks a LOT for letting me know that.  How the heck was I supposed to know?   Seems to me that the person scheduling the surgery and doing the insurance stuff would have found that out.  GOSH!  I'm really hoping and praying that the college will pick up some of the cost since it happened at a game. 
I'm really eager to build Abby's new room downstairs.  We are making a fifth bedroom downstairs in the "basement" which really doesn't seem like a basement.  It's really bright and has a walkout with french doors so it's nice and open.    Anyway, we are letting her become a cellar dweller and I can't wait to transform her new room into something great!   I love doing that kind of stuff.  If I could buy houses and redo them, I think that would be fantastic.   
My other dilemma is trying to figure out Ron's office.   We have another house on our property.  Actually, most people would say, knock it down, but it's a really old  1800's farm house and the floors are wide plank floors which would be beautiful if we restored them.  I have lots of idea's of how we could make that into Ron's office and get him the heck out of the house.  It's nice having him close, but having him too close when he is trying concentrate and the kids are running over the top of his head is another story.  My other idea for the house is that if we could somehow make it usable for my mom and step-dad and Ron's mom to live in when they need to, it would be great.   I never thought I'd ever want my parents or Ron's mom that close, but I'm thinking it would be kind of nice to have them there.   There would have to be boundaries set, but I think it could work.  I'm sure they would want boundaries set too.   
Yesterday I worked for a friend who has a cleaning company.  We had a smoke job to do on a cabin.  Holy cow!  The person is a total HOARDER!   Not even packrat.  Down right Discovery Channel Hoarders!  I don't know how anyone can live like that.  Seriously.  I am sooooo the opposite of that.  In fact, I probably throw things away too much. I wonder if there is such a thing as a dehoarder?  If so, I am definitely one of those.
I suppose it's time to start my day..... time to call the junk yard guys............

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