Saturday, January 23, 2010


In the shadows and cloistered; away from the fears 
of the unknown
Not wanting to fail yet failing each day 
because I didn’t try
Who do I become and how do I know the goals 
are my own
The pressures of life; family, friends and God  
Each pulling in a different direction; wanting to please
yet longing to run  
Running in circles with no authentic purpose 
as if my compass was shattered 
Searching for the answer with eyes and ears closed tight
A moment of impulsive decisiveness and the windows 
are forever opened
Stepping out to search for something undefined 
and finding pieces of myself
Intelligence found which was buried beneath doubt 
and shame
Confidence reborn since death had extinguished its fire
Eyes opening and giving a broader view of focus; agreeing
to disagree
Lights exploding all around me as my body and mind 
and soul awaken
Free to begin, longing to dream, and hopeful for tomorrow.

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