Friday, July 25, 2014

Because I'm happy!!!

 I've noticed many people are doing the 100 days of happy....  I thought about jumping on that bandwagon, but I knew I'd fall off because I'm just not the stay on the saddle type of girl..  So the next best thing was to write a blog post about why I'm happy.  I better do it before a bad mood hits, because seriously, NOBODY wants to read a 100 days of why I'm pissed post. 

I'm a million times positive all of you have heard the song 'Happy' by whoever he is.  I absolutely ADORE that song!  Love it, love it, love it!  You can't help but feel happy hearing it..... unless you are playing it too loud and your neighbor calls the cops..... THEEEENNNN you might not be happy. 

I'm happy because of these goofy goobers.   I was going to go on and on about each one, how great they are, but come on, you don't want to read a 10 page write up on each kid.......  That will come later.
I'm happy because Justin is doing something he loves.  He has always love Fire Trucks and now gets to ride in them.  I'm glad he learned to say Fire Truck the right way instead of pronouncing truck with an F.......  I'm sure his fellow firefighters do as well. 

 I'm happy because Jake and Amanda are doing so well.  They are such hard workers and do everything with 110%.   Manda is my absolute hero and Jake has a 'can do' spirit that won't quit! 

I'm happy because of these two!  I love watching Abby become a better and better mom every day.  She is truly amazing!  And I'm happy because of Tomas! Every picture I see makes my heart melt into a pile of happiness goo!

I'm happy Ally has found her passion.  She loves riding, jumping, showing and I love watching her do it!  It makes me happy she has found her own "thing". 

I'm happy I have a Mother who loves the Lord more than she does me.  I know, it sounds weird.... but it's true.  I am happy because I know without a doubt she prays for me and my family daily.  It gives me a peace. 

I'm happy I have a mother-in -law who is funny and likes to travel.  She looks quite and refined, but watch out world, she will WRITE A LETTER!  ( you just had to be there, trust me!)

I'm happy I have sisters that are all unique.   They make me happy in their own special way.  Most days. Most weeks, ok, once in a while they make me happy.   HA HA HA HA.... oh sisters, I love you and you make me happy all the time.  ( don't you love having me as a sister?) 

I'm happy because my sister Renee is my best friend.  She has been a second mom, a mentor, a guide and someone I can count on always.  Everyone needs someone like that in their corner and I know she is in mine. 

I'm happy because of my dog..... well, technically he is Slayts dog...... technically.   Sort of.    Face it, Slayt, he is mine.  There, I said it.  Possession is 9/10th of the law.  ( you love me and you know it )
I'm happy because I have amazing friends.  Some I have had for what seems like forever, and others I've known for just a little while. 

Most of you have heard me talk about my "ladies"..... these women are what makes me smile almost every Wednesday.   Everyone should have a group of ladies like these.....  except you can't have mine. Seriously, I won't let you......  wanna fight about it?

I'm happy because of my friend Shari..... who happens to be my son's mother in law.... but I like to think we would be friends anyway.  HA!!   Shari makes me happy.... her name should have been Sunshine. 
 Sunshine Shari!  I like it.... 

I'm happy because of my house.  I love my house.

 I love my fun neighbors who happen to be great friends.  I'm happy when I hear them outside because I love hearing them have fun!  It makes me happy when our kids play for hours on end without arguing! 

I'm happy because Jesus Christ died for my sins so I wouldn't have to.  That really is an understatement though.  I'm more than happy about that.  I'm eternally grateful.  I'm in shock that HE would do that for me.  I'm full of gratitude that He loves me enough to continually forgive me and lets me keep taking a breath each day.  Honestly and truly.

I'm happy because I have been blessed with TWO dads.  Not just my biological dad, but also my step-dad.  I've been twice blessed!  I'm happy because I know that some day I will see my Dad again.

I'm happy when I read the poem Highflight.  It makes me think of my dad. 

I'm happy when I fly. 

I'm happy when it is hotter than hot and sweat is pouring off me and I smell.  Yes, I like when I sweat and smell.  Don't judge.  Just don't.  It means the weather is hot and I'm loving life.   So if you ever see me sweaty and smelly, just know that while you may want to gag, I am loving life. 

I'm happy when I run.  It makes me feel good about myself.  Even though I may look like a slug running....  again, don't judge. 

I'm happy that I married my husband.  I love him more than I can even express.  More than he probably understands, and more than I will ever be able to show him.   He is my world.  My hero.  My everything.
I'm happy when I kayak.  It's just FUN.   I'm especially happy when I kayak in the Adirondaks OR in Florida.

I am happy when I'm painting.  That I can paint.  That I DO paint. 

I'm happy that all of my kids and their spouses love the Lord. 

Ice tea makes me happy.  Bonfires make me happy. 

Slayt makes me happy.   He is so affectionate and loving.  It makes me happy when he walks by me and just paps me on the shoulder.  He really is a big teddy bear.  A LOUD teddy bear....  A know it all teddy bear.....  but he still makes me happy.

Writing makes me happy.  When I have the time.  I'm happy that I published my book.  That really made me happy.

My silly sister in law makes me      happy.  She is a fun traveling companion.... as long as you don't talk to her in the morning until she is fully awake.... right Sal?  You know it's true

Lots of things make me happy.  Lots of people make me happy..... if I have not mentioned you by name, don't be sad.... be HAPPY.   If you are happy and you know it clap your hands.....  although if you are in a meeting, it might not be good... and if you are in a meeting, reading my blog, THAT makes ME happy.

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