Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wow, what a summer this has been and now it's almost come to an end.   I spent about six weeks of the summer pretty much either sleeping or sitting in a chair doing nothing.  Somehow I caught Mono and that sent my body into a tizzy.......  darn sickness.  My heart ended up playing games with me and that added to the stress/tiredness.  I am sooooo glad I am back to normal.  Or at least as normal as I can get I guess.  Now here we are on the last day of summer vacation and it will be spent taking Slayt to the doctor for shots, getting groceries and last minute school supplies, which should prove to be a grand time considering last time I was in Wallyworld I wanted to scream and run through the crowd knocking everyone over with my cart.  I have a thing with chaos and  crowds.... what can I say?  However, I did restrain myself and was able to get out of there without losing my salvation. =)
We did end up going camping this summer which was FANTASTIC.......  oh, did I mention it was FANTASTIC?   That is how good it was.   The kids and I left on a monday and went to Stoney Fork which is down near the PA grand canyon.  It was the most relaxing place on earth.  I swear if I win the superbowl, I"m not going to Disney World, but I will be going to stoney fork.  The kids swam in the creek, practiced their skills in the pool, emptied my pockets of change at the game room, rode paddle boats and best of all, fished in the pond.  When we got there Abby and I realized that the most important part of the tent was missing but never underestimate the power of the Norman/Cline women!  We used our ingenuity and rigged the tent up with duck tape and twine.  Hey, it stayed up and gave us something to laugh about. 
On our way home we stopped and took a covered wagon ride pulled by Perchiron Horses through the PA Grand Canyon.  It was beautiful! 
My #2 son was home all summer from College and it turned out to be a wonderful time with him home.  He had planned on moving out and down to Grams but it didnt' work out that way so he stayed home.  It was a relatively stress free and enjoyable time with him home.  I really miss him now that he is gone back to school.  That's the downside of having a great relationship with your kids.... you miss them too darn much when they aren't around.  =) 
The #1 son now has his own house/apartment that he is renting in Rochester.......  I don't think they should let 5 year olds rent......  Ok, so he really is 21 but where the heck did the time go? 
And now we are at summers end and the kids are heading back to school tomorrow.  Insert my happy dance here. 
Three months ago I couldn't wait for the kids to be done with school and home.... now I'm looking forward to being able to keep my house clean for at least 5 hours at a time while they are IN school......  and now let the homework begin. 

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