Saturday, February 6, 2010

I can take a punch

Sometimes boys can do the stupidest things.  At least my boys can. The old saying that 'boys will be boys' has a lot of truth to it, because girls usually will have more common sense than to try many of the things a guy will do.  Take for instance the infamous "I can take a punch" video's my two eldest son's made one night in the fall of 2008.  Little did they know that it would cost $3500 and time spent in the ER.   
Jacob and Justin have always had a tight bond.  From the beginning they have been more than just brothers but best friends.  If a person saw Jacob then Justin was right behind and visa versa.  Up until they were probably  in their late teens they had the same friends and very rarely did they go anywhere without the other. 
I believe I need to give a brief overview of the different personalities each boy has though to make it clear as to why this story is so funny.
Justin has always and will probably always be a very easy going and relatively passive person. He doesn't like to hurt anyone's feelings and would go out of his way to avoid a fight.  Jacob on the other hand has been running around like a chicken with his head cut off from the time he was born.  He came out swinging and he will probably go to heaven that way.   Jake is a very sweet kid, but his personality is the exact opposite of Justin.  Justin tries not to antagonize but  Jacob lives to drive everyone nuts with his ADHD.  Unfortunately for Justin, Jake has taken advantage of that fact quite frequently; picking fights with Justin,wrestling him to the ground then claiming victory was Jacobs favorite past time.  Little did he realize was that Justin let him win many of the times.  
Flashing forward  to the fall of 2008.  The boys got it into their head that it would be great fun to see who was the tougher male specimen by punching each other in the stomach. Unbeknown to me, they went to the shed to "box" because Jake had his punching bag up there.  After about a half hour the boys came back in, laughing and carrying on about how funny it was and told us of their escapades.  Jacob had not been in the house more than ten minutes before he started to look a little pale and feel sick.  He sat down on the step and said his side hurt.  Off to the hospital it was for us.  To make a long story short, while the boys were punching each other, Justin had managed to get a good jab in and bruise Jacob's spleen.  Thankfully they had stopped when they did and called it a night.  I do believe that the embarrassment of rehashing their story to the many doctors and nurses  that saw them was punishment enough, not to mention the fact that Jacob had to take it easy and slow down for a while.
We still have the video's the boys made and from time to time I think it would be a great idea to pull them out and show them that "they can't take a punch". 

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